Sunday, February 12, 2012

Agneepath - review

My intuition never goes wrong. When first time I saw the poster of Agneepath movie (Hritik Roshan is running wearing a red vest) i realized, this movie would screw up the real cult movie by Mr.Bachchan (original Agneepath). But contrary to my intuition, there were some positive review in media praising Mr. Roshan, Mr. Sanjay Dutts performance and praising the director for making suca a great tribute to original great movie. That tempted to watch me this movie (though I always avoid Hritik and Sanjay Dutt movie, as both of them does not know how to act. Mr. Roshan in his career only hit movies delivered under his father's banner and Mr.Dutt had technically given only 2 hits in last 15 years under Raju Hirani's banner as Munnabhai). To swear it was 3 hour torture in the silver screen. If Mr. Amithab get to watch this movie, surely he would commit suicide after watching this.

The character Vijay Dinanath Chauhan which fetched National Award for Mr. Bachchan, in its new avatar now you can see dancing with crowd, doing charity work, advising people for not to consume alcohol (Though himself drinks a bottle of it). Also there is actress Priyanka Chopra (aka Kalli Kaude in the movie), when you see the part of her act, you will surely feel slapping her for her irritating performance. In the entire movie there is only one type of expression carried out on the face by Mr. Roshan (trying to portray himself as angry young man). It was fun to see how he eats rice and dhal in the plate (how the screen time is being wasted). When you listen to the songs, they are just like giving injection at your butt.  Finally Mr. Dutt for has legendary Kancha role, recite two lines from Bhagwat Gita (at least 100 times) in the whole movie. His make up was purely copied from character of Marlon Brando from Apocalypto Now.  Trying to deliver some epic performance each individual tortures you big time for three hours. 

Needless to say, as it is Karan Johar's movie there will be unnecessary emotions, drama put together wrong place. As already Bollywood is infected with virus of remaking south Indian movies and Hollywood movies, such a tribute for movie like Agneepath is a great insult to legend like Mr. Bachchan. Hope the producers and actor will think twice before taking such initiative. For the people who liked Sanjay Dutt's role check this video, how the look has been copied in this movie.

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