Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Must watch Movies - Collection 1

12 Angry Man
This is an epitome of movie which proves that to make a good movie what is needed is a powerful script, good direction and good dialogs. And its guaranteed that the outcome would definitely a great one. This movie entirely shot in a single room and with 12 guys just holding a discussion through out the movie. When you start watching it, it will hold you with seat until it ends. Rarely we see such a movie. Of course a desi version of it is also available   "Ek ruka hua mukadma" by Bassu Chaterjee which is also a good remake of it.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Personally I can watch this movie as many as times possible. It is one of the best movie in its own way. The style of this movie is still being repeated by innumerable of Hollywood and non-Hollywood movies. I can bet that you will fall in love with the character "The Ugly" once you watch it. Power packed performance, Awesome dialogs and the importantly the background score of the movie. Once you watch the movie, you will remember the background music for rest of your life

The Shawshank Redemption
This movie has occupied No.1 slot in the IMDB since quiet a long time. A splendid performance by Tim Robbins and and non other than Morgan Freeman. This movie plays very slow and you really need patience to watch it. Meticulously crafted dialogs, damn good performance by couple of above mentioned guys and you feel like "wow" when you see the last 15 minutes of the movie. A master piece by Frank Darabont. A must watch.

If you like movies with some unusual stuff, then The Green Mile must not be missed. Another great movie by Frank Darabont. Few scenes will make you bite your nail. Movie starts with a slow pace and with in sometime it acquires momentum and keep you curious until the end. You will be thinking what is next???? Some touchy moments, many unbelievable scenes. Another must watch by Frank Darabont.

Die Hard I - IV
If you are a freak for action movies, then i would say Die Hard  (1 to 4) is the best action movie series which you should watch. Bruce Willis the protagonist in all the four part. What different this movie has than other action movies?? Interestingly if you see action movies, most of the hero even does not get a single scratch even after killing 100 of bad guys. (e.g.: Watch Arnaldo's commando) where he kills everyone. But this is the movie where you see hero is getting maximum injuries than any other guy before he kills. Specially  Part 1, the best one among all. A complete package of entertainment.

Memento / Inception

If you wish to test your intelligence then go to watch these movies. At the end you might want to have a cup of coffee to function your brain normally. Memento is such a movie for sure you will go to watch for the second time to understand the flow of it. The movie plays in reverse direction. Some of the concept has been stolen by our desi guys to make "Ghazani" from it. Inception too would test your understanding skill. A story beyond your imagination. Would make you puzzled through out and you have to hold your seat through out the whole movie to understand what is going on and what is next. Both being directed by Christopher Nolan and you are gonna talk about him once you are done with these two.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Year of Avatar

2009 was undoubtedly is the year of Avatar. A technical marvel which now have set a new benchmark for the entire film industry of the world. When Bollywood and Indian television industry was just consoling its heart by saying All izz well after terrific duds of Blue, Chandni Chowk to Chaina and lots more, at the other end of the globe it was James Cameron's Avatar which ruled. It is already grossed much more than any other movies has done and hoping to reach $2 Billion.
Long back in 90's when I saw Terminator 2 directed by the same director, I was just amazed. The same kind of thrilling experience he repeated in Titanic which was a blockbuster collecting more than $1 billion worldwide. Trust me there was no match to this movie in the sequel T3 and T4 though it was made almost 12 years later. But Avatar was just a show of creativity. When you couple the best creativity with best technology, then what you get that is Avatar. Which is beyond imagination of any normal thinking person. Making such kind of movie needs a lot of courage as well as talent. When more than $230 million is invested for some movie, then obviously the director has to give his best experience to his audience on the silver screen.
When I talk about such movies, It compels me to compare our Bollywood with it. Usually we avoid comparing so called Hindi movies with English movies, but the question is why not ??? If we can steal the stories to make Hindi movie and we want to represent ourselves on par with international standard, then this compare has to be done. The fact is that when we want to grow, then we have to compare with our superior and fix a benchmark has to be fixed to achieve. Unfortunately this is not happening. It's sad that there is no sci-fi movies are being made in India. The most of the creativity is in stealing stories, remaking regional language movie to hindi movies and vice verse. It's not that no new kind of movies are being made, but the problem is most of the movies are typecast one. Nothing new is being tried to entertain. We are century behind in terms of technological advancement. And the disappointment is that no one in the film industry is trying to fill the gap. No doubt Hollywood movies have an edge of having global audience which Hindi movies does not have, but this can not be an excuse. When we are challenging the in other sector like Space, IT and others, then this should not be ignored. Avatar proved many things, one is you don't need big star cast to endorse your movie, but a flavor of good script and amazing creativity is enough to entertain the audience.
It's a call to entire film industry of the world to go think beyond normal and entertain audience.