Friday, January 29, 2010

Year of Avatar

2009 was undoubtedly is the year of Avatar. A technical marvel which now have set a new benchmark for the entire film industry of the world. When Bollywood and Indian television industry was just consoling its heart by saying All izz well after terrific duds of Blue, Chandni Chowk to Chaina and lots more, at the other end of the globe it was James Cameron's Avatar which ruled. It is already grossed much more than any other movies has done and hoping to reach $2 Billion.
Long back in 90's when I saw Terminator 2 directed by the same director, I was just amazed. The same kind of thrilling experience he repeated in Titanic which was a blockbuster collecting more than $1 billion worldwide. Trust me there was no match to this movie in the sequel T3 and T4 though it was made almost 12 years later. But Avatar was just a show of creativity. When you couple the best creativity with best technology, then what you get that is Avatar. Which is beyond imagination of any normal thinking person. Making such kind of movie needs a lot of courage as well as talent. When more than $230 million is invested for some movie, then obviously the director has to give his best experience to his audience on the silver screen.
When I talk about such movies, It compels me to compare our Bollywood with it. Usually we avoid comparing so called Hindi movies with English movies, but the question is why not ??? If we can steal the stories to make Hindi movie and we want to represent ourselves on par with international standard, then this compare has to be done. The fact is that when we want to grow, then we have to compare with our superior and fix a benchmark has to be fixed to achieve. Unfortunately this is not happening. It's sad that there is no sci-fi movies are being made in India. The most of the creativity is in stealing stories, remaking regional language movie to hindi movies and vice verse. It's not that no new kind of movies are being made, but the problem is most of the movies are typecast one. Nothing new is being tried to entertain. We are century behind in terms of technological advancement. And the disappointment is that no one in the film industry is trying to fill the gap. No doubt Hollywood movies have an edge of having global audience which Hindi movies does not have, but this can not be an excuse. When we are challenging the in other sector like Space, IT and others, then this should not be ignored. Avatar proved many things, one is you don't need big star cast to endorse your movie, but a flavor of good script and amazing creativity is enough to entertain the audience.
It's a call to entire film industry of the world to go think beyond normal and entertain audience.

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